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Quality-focused construction, civil engineering and electrical experts with decades of shared experience

Building a New Standard | Leighton Construction | Cork, Ireland
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Leighton Construction & Electrical Contractors | Cork City, Ireland
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With 50+ years of shared, multidisciplinary experience in the industry, we take a holistic approach to meeting your project requirements.

We are based in Cork City, with civil, commercial and residential clients all across Ireland. Leighton offers a consolidated, one-stop-shop service of both construction, civil engineering and electrical contracting services, with a multidisciplinary team of experts, focused on building a new standard by fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of any client brief.



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See some of the most recent construction, fit-out and electrical projects completed by our expert team to date across Ireland.

We have carried out a diverse range of projects to our civil, commercial and residential clients – including housing developments, educational and healthcare buildings, and hospitality and leisure facilities.

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